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Feb 01, 2012 at 05:21 PM

User cannot access Crystal reports after user was deleted and recreated


We are using Crystal Enterprise XIr2. We are using Windows AD authentication. We had an issue with a user where they were deleted in Active Directory. Now they can no longer run Crystal reports. When I go into the CMC and open users I see this user. When I try to open this user I get the following error

There was an error while retrieving data from the server: Active Directory Authentication failed to get the Active Directory groups for the account with ID "8B003DF11D45B244AC3B61AB36B6C445:ALLENDG". Please make sure this account is valid and belongs to an accessible domain.

I think Crystal is still trying to access the user's old Active Directory account.

I cannot delete the user either in CMC.

Is there someway I can correct this user.