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Feb 01, 2012 at 12:37 PM

Problem in creating DC in NWDS 7.3 - development infrastructure perspective


I am working on NWDS 7.3 and NWDI with Driver Version 7.10.

Task required : I have a custom WebDynpro Project developed and build on NWDS 7.0. Since I have to run the application on new Portal 7.3, I am required to build it and other custom Webynpro application on NWDS 7.3 and deploy on EP 7.3.

Note: As recommended, we would be using NWDI with CM Services

Our Approach: I will create a Development Configuration and a Software Component for all my custom applications and will create or add DCs to it.(Before that I need to convert existing Local Webdynpro projects to DCs).

Task done:1. Created a Development Configuration

2. Created a software component of type WebDynpro java under above development configuration. Automatically certain dependencies were added to it.

3. Opened NWDS 7.3 - Development Infrastructure perspective,connected to SLD.

4. Two Development Configurations appeared, Default Local Development and the one I created say DConfig_test.

5. Under DConfig_test my Software Component SC1 exist.

Problem/Error:1. When I tried creating a new DC inside SC1, all buttons and nodes are disabled. Why and how can that be corrected?

2. Is my approach for migrating existing Local Webdynpro project to NWDS 7.3 and NWDI correct ?


Anubha Pandey