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Can someone provide the input parms for this BAPI? I am having difficulty getting this to deliver a sales order.

Thanks in advance for your time.

David P

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5 Answers

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    Former Member
    Jul 27, 2005 at 11:07 PM

    Hi Antonio,

    Here is a little program that I wrote to test out this BAPI. This program asks for a Sales Order Number and Line Item, then creates a Delivery for 1 unit referencing that Sales Order.

    TBL_REQUEST is a denormalised table holding the delivery data for each line item. This means that each record in this table contains both header and line item data.

    Hope this helps.




    REPORT ypat_create_delivery LINE-SIZE 256.


    • Internal Tables


    • Table to Hold Delivery Request

    DATA: BEGIN OF tbl_request OCCURS 0.

    INCLUDE STRUCTURE bapideliciousrequest.

    DATA: END OF tbl_request.

    • Table to hold Line Items Created

    DATA: BEGIN OF tbl_items OCCURS 0.

    INCLUDE STRUCTURE bapideliciouscreateditems.

    DATA: END OF tbl_items.

    • Table to hold BAPI Return Messages

    DATA: BEGIN OF tbl_return OCCURS 0.


    DATA: END OF tbl_return.


    • Structures


    DATA: st_vbak LIKE vbak,

    st_vbap LIKE vbap.


    • Selection Screen


    PARAMETERS: p_vbeln LIKE vbak-vbeln,

    p_posnr LIKE vbap-posnr DEFAULT '000010'.


    • Start of Selection




    INTO st_vbak

    FROM vbak

    WHERE vbeln = p_vbeln.

    CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0.


    INTO st_vbap

    FROM vbap

    WHERE vbeln = p_vbeln AND

    posnr = p_posnr.


    End of Selection



    IF st_vbak IS INITIAL.

    WRITE:/ 'Invalid Sales Order'.



    tbl_request-document_numb = st_vbap-vbeln.

    tbl_request-document_item = st_vbap-posnr.

    tbl_request-ship_to = st_vbak-kunnr.

    tbl_request-sold_to = st_vbak-kunnr.

    tbl_request-sales_organisation = st_vbak-vkorg.

    tbl_request-distribution_channel = st_vbak-vtweg.

    tbl_request-division = st_vbak-spart.

    tbl_request-plant = st_vbap-werks.

    tbl_request-quantity_sales_uom = '1'.

    tbl_request-sales_unit = st_vbap-vrkme.

    tbl_request-base_uom = st_vbap-meins.

    tbl_request-material = st_vbap-matnr.

    tbl_request-delivery_date = st_vbak-bstdk.

    tbl_request-delivery_time = '160000'.

    tbl_request-transp_plan_date = st_vbak-bstdk.

    tbl_request-loading_date = st_vbak-bstdk.

    tbl_request-goods_issue_date = st_vbak-bstdk.

    tbl_request-extdelv_no = '98765'.

    tbl_request-document_type = 'A'. "Delivery

    tbl_request-document_type_predecessor = 'A'. "Sales Ord

    tbl_request-document_type_delivery = 'LF'.

    APPEND tbl_request.



    request = tbl_request

    createditems = tbl_items

    return = tbl_return.


    LOOP AT tbl_return.

    WRITE:/ tbl_return-type,





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    • Former Member

      I am trying to create an Inbound Delivery for a Purchase Order with the following parameters using BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC; but got this error.

      " Dlv. type (dlv. catgry for mat. 7698-AR and BWART ) cannot be determined ".

      And when I did not pass the parameter

      wa_delvreq-DOCUMENT_CATEGORY_SD = '7', I got a dump.

      Any suggestions welcome.

      wa_delvreq-document_numb = wa_GPA_SUPPLY_INVOICE-PONUMBER.

      wa_delvreq-document_item = wa_GPA_SUPPLY_INVOICE-POITEM.

      wa_delvreq-ship_to = 'AUS-9015'.

      wa_delvreq-sold_to = 'AUS-9015'.

      wa_delvreq-sales_organisation = '2001'.

      wa_delvreq-distribution_channel = '00'.

      wa_delvreq-division = '10'.

      wa_delvreq-plant = '2001'.

      wa_delvreq-vendor = '0020001622'.

      wa_delvreq-PURCHASE_ORGANISATION = '2001'.

      wa_delvreq-quantity_sales_uom = '1'.

      wa_delvreq-sales_unit = 'EA'.

      wa_delvreq-base_uom = ''.

      wa_delvreq-material = wa_GPA_SUPPLY_INVOICE-PURMAT.

      wa_delvreq-delivery_date = sy-datum.

      wa_delvreq-delivery_time = '160000'.

      wa_delvreq-transp_plan_date = sy-datum.

      wa_delvreq-loading_date = sy-datum.

      wa_delvreq-goods_issue_date = sy-datum.

      wa_delvreq-extdelv_no = '98765'.

      wa_delvreq-document_type = 'B'. "Delivery - A-SalesOrder

      wa_delvreq-document_type_predecessor = 'B'. "A-Sales Ord

      wa_delvreq-document_type_delivery = 'EL'. " Sales Delivery - 'LF'.

      wa_delvreq-DOCUMENT_CATEGORY_SD = '7'.

      wa_delvreq-RECEIVING_POINT = '2001'.

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    Former Member
    May 06, 2005 at 03:23 PM

    Hi David,

    Check out program MV50AWIBF01 form CREATE_IBDLV_FROM_PURORD. Sure its for a purchase order, but I think this provides a good example which you could use for a sales order also.

    If this is no good then do a where used list on the BAPI (thats what I did).

    Hope that helps.



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    Former Member
    Jun 08, 2005 at 06:52 AM

    Hi David,

    I hope by now you must have successfully implemented BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC. Can you please provide input parameters? I am stuck, unable to make BAPI work.

    Thank you,

    Akhila G.

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    Former Member
    Sep 28, 2005 at 02:45 PM


    I need the same information as you do...

    Did you resolve your problem ?

    If yes, can you post the solution ?

    It will be highly appreciated.

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    • Hi,

      I have the same problem. Anyone has fix the problem?

      I'm using BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC and sometimes (not frequently) i obtain the message - Dlv. type (dlv. catgry for mat. and BWART ) cannot be determined -

      I can't find the cause.

      The problem is that my movement type is not 411 or 412 like the oss note says.


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    Former Member
    Apr 02, 2014 at 11:26 AM


    I too have the same requirement of creating an outbound delivery using BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC. Can you please help?

    Please provide sample example too if possible.

    Thank you.


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