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Feb 01, 2012 at 08:16 AM

Changed business Partner not passing to GTS


We are facing problems when trying to manually transfer a certain SAP customer master record (ICXXXX) from ECC to GTS using t-code /SAPSLL/DEBMAS_DIRR3 we get the error message

Of 1 selected partner(s), 0 were processed successfully

Message no. /SAPSLL/PLUGINR3111


Not all partner masters have been processed successfully.


You can access the process protocol in the Legal Service system. This protocol contains more information concerning the type of error that has occurred.

When our batch job runs for RBDMIDOC for /SAPSLL/DEBMAS/SLL the job logs states "RFC error (this object is not consistent)"

The log does not give any information (t-code /SAPSLL/PARTNER_APPL) even after changing /SAPSLL/TCOPAO to have GN_TST (General: Full Log) for Business Partner, sub-objects /SAPSLL/BP_DISTR and /SAPSLL/PARMA.

It appears to be an issue with this specific customer master. I have created a new customer master ((ICXXXXA) that appears to be identical to the origional one and that one passes to GTS without issue.

Any thoughts on where else to look?