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Feb 01, 2012 at 08:02 AM

SAPRouter Error


Hi Gurus,

my saprouter is started and am able to do connection test and authorization test successfully for SAPOSS rfc connection.

but when SAP is trying to login they are not able to login to system and getting error as partner not reached

location SAPRouter 40.2 on sapserv2a

Then i went to oss1 tcode and clicked on logon to sapnet here am getting error as

sapserv2a:route permission denied( to147.204.100.141,sapdp01)

started router as below:

C:\saprouter>saprouter -r -G saprouter.log -K "p:CN=SAPVMQA, OU=0000912552, OU=S

AProuter, O=SAP, C=DE"

trcfile dev_rout

logfile saprouter.log

saprouter.log here

Tue Jan 31 23:21:17 2012 INIT LOGFILE

Tue Jan 31 23:21:17 2012 READ ROUTTAB ./saprouttab o.k.

dev_rout log here


trc file: "dev_rout", trc level: 1, release: "700"


Tue Jan 31 23:21:17 2012

SAP Network Interface Router, Version 38.10

command line arg 0: saprouter

command line arg 1: -r

command line arg 2: -G

command line arg 3: saprouter.log

command line arg 4: -K

command line arg 5: p:CN=SAPVMQA, OU=0000912552, OU=SAProuter, O=SAP, C=DE

SncInit(): Initializing Secure Network Communication (SNC)

PC with Windows NT (mt,ascii,SAP_UC/size_t/void* = 16/64/64)

SncInit(): Trying environment variable SNC_LIB as a

gssapi library name: "C:\saprouter\Crypto\nt-x86_64\sapcrypto.dll".

File "C:\saprouter\Crypto\nt-x86_64\sapcrypto.dll" dynamically loaded as GSS-API v2 library.

The internal Adapter for the loaded GSS-API mechanism identifies as:

Internal SNC-Adapter (Rev 1.0) to SECUDE 5/GSS-API v2

main: pid = 2808, ppid = 0, port = 3299, parent port = 0 (0 = parent is not a saprouter)

reading routtab: './saprouttab'

thanks in advance