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Feb 01, 2012 at 05:28 AM

Client Out of Memory in BEx 7.x


Hi Everyone,

I would like to ask a question that has been asked many times here. I probably also know the replies Im going to get, but Im just hoping against hope of finding a satisfactory alternative.

We have a few BEx reports here, that need to display more than 65K rows. So here are the steps we followed:

- Create these BEx queries in 7.x version.

- We also have Excel 2007 version to go with it.

- We have also installed the patch bw350gui710_6-10004473.exe

- The OS is 64 bit too.

- I've read Note 1040454 and I know there's a 750,000 data-cell limitation in the BEx reports.

- Our BEx Report has 54 columns. Somewhere I read there's a 36 column limitation (but I couldn't find a supporting Note for it)

- I was told that running the Report through RSRT is also a no-go.

- I've not yet found a Note that has a solution for this problem.

- Restriction through Selection screen is not an accepted solution for the client.

So here are my Questions:

- At the risk of being branded a bad-searcher, I'd like to ask if SAP has already come out with a fix for this issue?

- As an alternative, would an ABAP report suffice? - Im worried about Performance Issues here.

- What about BI Accelerator? Will that solve the issue?


PS: Any other alternative solutions?