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Former Member
Jan 31, 2012 at 10:15 PM

UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CACHE not working as expected


Hello Experts,

In BW backend I'm loading BPC dimensions via a Process Chain in the following way:

1. Attributes --> loads attributes into the BPC dimensions

2. Attrs change runs --> run attr change runs where applies

3. Texts --> loads texts into the BPC dimensions

4. UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CACHE --> Update dimensions' cache

Everything works ok, except for the step 4. (which ends "green" as well), it is expected that as per the UJA_REFRESH_DIM_CACHE pgm successful execution the staff in BPC end should be able to see the dimension data updated w/o the need of any additional or refresh activity to be performed.

The parameters for the variant when executed are (pipe separated):

Selection Scrns|Field Name|Type|I/E|Option|frm|to

1000|Appset Name|P|||MY_APP|

1000|Refresh server side cache?|P|||X|

1000|Refresh client side cache?|P|||X|

1000|Increase Dimension Version?|P||||

Could you please help to clarify this? Why it seems that the program execution is not performing anything? What could be wrong?

Thanks in advance and best regards,