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Jan 31, 2012 at 05:16 PM

Small differences between while canceling invoice.



While checking the accounting documents I have notices that there are small differences between the GR document invoice document. The differences has occurred on GR\IR account and stock account during canceling the invoice and is 0.01 EUR.

The GR\IR was credited ➖ with 0.01 less and the stock account was credited ➖ with 0.01 EUR more according to the invoice which was cancel. see below.

Could you help to und erstand the procedure?

If it is a standard behavior? If not. How can it be resolved?

Before (invoice)

Stock account 101.00+

GR/IR account 21.53+

After (after canceling MR8M)

Stock account 101.01-

GR/IR account 21.52-