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Jan 31, 2012 at 12:51 PM

Material Conversion in MB1B



I want to post material no.413003 to material no. 160003 through MB1B through movement type 309, but its not happening showing following error.

" Stockkeeping unit EA and KG differ "

Material Code 413003 (Brass component) base unit is EA and storage location is SCRP plant 101

Material Code 160003 (Brass scrap) base unit is KG and storage location is SCRP plant 101

For 413003 - In Material master additional tab following entries there

1 EA each <==> 1 EA each

1 KG kg <==> 14706 EA each

Also I given "Unit of issue" field in Material master Plant data/ Storage location view as KG in 413003 and conversion factor as 14706, but still the same error is showing in MB1B.

I Tried to delete 1st entry from additional tab in material master for 413003 but system won't allow to delete stating error message is "The base unit of measure can not be deleted"