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Jan 31, 2012 at 11:06 AM

Check wrong date format in mapping PI



we provide a webservice to some (anonymous) clients. Occasionally the date-format in some of the incoming messages is not correct.

Sometimes we get illegal characters in the date like <FORM_GEN_TIME>۱۶:۳۴:۰۴</FORM_GEN_TIME> and sometimes the seconds are missing like <FORM_GEN_TIME>13:57</FORM_GEN_TIME>.

These errors give us a problem when parsing the data to ABAP.

We already have a mapping in the application and probably we can solve this in a mapping. Since I am not into Java, I wonder if someone can provide me with a function I can use in our mapping to solve this: check the illegal characters, check the length of the time and correct it only when necessary.

Thanks for helping.