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Jan 30, 2012 at 07:25 PM

x_start doesn't online an instance in



I did a test install of and tried to adopt our init scripts to handle the new version.

Now, I'm wondering why x_start doesn't start an instance anymore to online state:

/opt/sdb/globalprograms/bin/x_start INVOCADB
Warning: Expected database state was ONLINE
Database INVOCADB started to status ADMIN

and the log shows:

Thread     0x10ED Task      -  2012-01-30 20:15:21     RunTime        3:  State changed from STARTING to ADMIN
Thread     0x10ED Task      -  2012-01-30 20:15:21     STATE      12601:  SERVERDB is ready
Thread     0x10ED Task      -  2012-01-30 20:15:21     RTE        20223:  Database tries automatic restart
Thread     0x1104 Task      -  2012-01-30 20:15:21 ERR RTE        20125:  Database automatic restart failed,_FILE=RTE_ExternalCall+noPIC.cpp,_LINE=903

I can online the instance with dbmcli without any problems, but why does it not work with x_start anymore. I can't seem to find this documented somewhere.

IIRC x_start was useful to online an instance without knowing the DBM passwords.

Did I just miss something?



Edited by: Simon Matter on Jan 30, 2012 8:26 PM