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Jan 30, 2012 at 04:40 PM

Using Search Help with ALV and Dynamic context node


The topic subject already describes my situation.

I have to create, populate and remove context nodes at runtime, and bind them to an ALV, to let user display the data or modify the data. The nodes I create are always typed with a table name, but the table name is of course, dynamic.

This is all working: what's not working is help for entries inside the ALV; since the table has foreign keys and domains with check tables or fixed values, I expected that search helps were detected and managed by the framework.

Instead, no help search is displayed except the input help based on data-type of the one "Date" input fields.

I think I have to work on the dynamic node creation, and not on the ALV itself, since the latter only takes the node/attributes information, but i could be wrong. I tried with both the two following codings:

  CALL METHOD lo_nd_info_root->add_new_child_node
      static_element_type          = vs_tabname
      name                         = 'SAMPLE_NODE_NAME'
*    is_mandatory                 = abap_false
*    is_mandatory_selection       = abap_false
     is_multiple                  = abap_true
     is_multiple_selection        = abap_false
*    is_singleton                 = abap_false
      is_initialize_lead_selection = abap_false
      is_static                    = abap_false
      child_node_info              = lo_nd_info_data .

      parent_info = lo_nd_info_root
      node_name = 'SAMPLE_NODE_NAME'
      structure_name = vs_tabname
      is_multiple = abap_true ).

The result is the there any way to let the ALV know what search helps it has to use, and doesn't force me to manually build a VALUE_SET to be bound on the single attributes? There are many tables, with many fields, and maintaining this solution would be very costly.