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Former Member
Dec 23, 2016 at 09:27 AM

DG Data Distribution


Dear Experts,

I am trying to send DG data from one system to other but not able to complete the process.

Here are details,

DG data sent from source system to target system and got following message,

Idoc sent successfully to target system. Below is the view of idoc in source system.

Below is the view/status in target system. It's stuck in status 64 - Processing. It's remain in this status only. Not progressing at all. Below is the view from BD87,

now here if we process it Manually then it's getting processed as shown below,

but even after that, actually DG data is not getting updated in Target System. As shown below, in Source system, CPN is like shown on left where as in target system still old CPN shows. Revised CPN is not getting transferred to Target system.

Can you please provide an input to overcome this issue?

Thanking You,


Amol Joshi