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Former Member
May 05, 2005 at 02:07 PM

Infospoke selection -- BADI ?


Hello experts,

Need to extract data from the infospoke to For a particular selection creteria on the posting date and Profit center.

Solutions not possible:

-- there are no routines or variables functionality

Only solution:

-- I am assuming this is the only option available.


-- This is the procedure I performed to create the method in the BADI.

-- Create the Implementing class ZCL_IM_EXTRACT

-- Create the implementing interface IF_EX_OPENHUB_TRANSFORM

-- Create the method TRANSFORM

-- When I run try to activate the method I get this error "CLASS ZCL_IM_EXTRACT does not contain an interface IF_EX_OPENHUB_TRANSFORM"


-- I see the interface name IF_EX_OPENHUB_TRANSFORM in the interface tab of the Implementation. And below that I see the Name of Implementing class as ZCL_IM_EXTRACT.

Wondering If I have done some procedural error. Please suggest.

Thanks in advance