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Jan 29, 2012 at 02:00 AM

remote support platform 2.4 for SAP Business One


Hi all,

SAP has announced the availability of remote support platform 2.4 for SAP Business One in SAP Business One channel partner website

As I have check, the features in this new version is not far different from 2.3 for example:

u2022 Database upload to SAP Support to speed up resolution on most difficult cases

u2022 Built-in automatic upgrade mechanism for RSP u2013 no additional configuration or maintenance effort

u2022 Automated transfer of SAP Business One patches and updates to customers

u2022 SSL and STAR TLS email support, added support for Google, Hotmail and other popular email servers

u2022 New interface with more colorful reports and images to easily recognize issues that require attention

u2022 Handling of multiple customer system numbers and system types as well as databases on the same SQL instance

u2022 Additional wizards for more intuitive interaction with RSP

u2022 E-mail notifications indicating that data has changed compared to the previous report

u2022 Corrective tasks of well known issue such as dbcc checkdb, db reindex, year end closing etc..

and much more...

There are many tasks that you can download from SAP back end but the year end closing task seems difficult to download which I do not know why.

You may visit the product landing page to get more insights on RSP 2.4 and downloand RSP 2.4 PL03 and PL04 (latest PL version). The version 2.3 has been out of maintenance.