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Jan 28, 2012 at 02:27 AM

Needs Clarification on following Datasource Enhancement quotes on SDN


Hi Experts,

I have completed a review of most of the enhancement links on this site and I will appreciate some clarification of these quotes from the review. My questions, pertain to the bolded phrases in the quotes:

i. In Quote 1, #1, e.g. if I enhance 2LIS_11_VAITM (Sales order Item) to add a field MTART (Material Type ) from MARA table, how do you decide which Communication Structure in this datasource to add zzfield field from some table?

Will it not work if you just go into LBWE, click on the datasource; then click on the Append structure, and selecting, u201CAppend Structureu201D to add the zzfield to an new Append Structure name I create?.

ii. In Quote 1, #2, I thought LBWE was only for LO, why do they say u201Cother than LOu201D, will #2 hold if datasource is a finance datasource e.g. 0fi_gl_4?

iii. In Quote 2, #1, how do you close the system, is it simply informing users to stop posting to the systems?

iv. In Quote 2, # 2, Is this use of SE11 as described in the quote the same as using: LBWE & clicking on the datasource; clicking on the Append structure, and selecting, u201CAppend Structureu201D to add the zzfield?

v. In Quote 3 #1, is CI_BSIS a communication structure in 0fi_gl_4 or an Append Structure or really an INCLUDE? Where do I find CI_BSIS to add the fields as discussed in the quote 4?

Also, doesnu2019t the fact that no code need to be written in CMOD means CI_BSIS is a communication structure in 0fi_gl_4 i.e. same as we will pull an existing field from the pool in LO customization?

vi. In Quote 3 #2, under what circumstances do we use the ZZfields and which circumstances DONu2019T we use the ZZfields?

Doesn't it contracdict many other postings on sdn where we are supposed to add new fields to the extract structure by entering the ZZfield and mapping to the actual field name in the table? e.g. zzAUDAT mapping to AUDAT which is from some table?







Quote 1:

The procedure is like below.

Take the datasource in which you enhance.

1. If you enhancing in the LO datasaource, take the appropriate communication structure append the structure in that structure add the fields you want enhance.

If you are enhancing other than LO you take extract structure append the structure and add the fields in that structure.

2. Goto LBWE Tcode take the option called "Maintain Extract structure" take the fields which you enhanced from pool take push in to extract structure.

If you enhancing other than LO no need to do this.

3. Goto RSA6, take datasource, goto change mode. The enhanced fields Hide option checked, remove that tick and save it.



Quote 2:

At a high level, the steps in enhancement will be as follow:

1. Before changes, close system to prevent updates; and empty delta queues by loading all data of the datasource involved into BW.

2. Using SE11, append the new field to the communication structure



Quoute 3:

In a discussion for the enhancement of datasource 0FI_GL_4.....someone noted:

1. I'm trying to get Material (MATNR), Quantity (MENGE) from BSEG table into 0FI_GL_4.

So, I added required fields in include CI_BSIS & activated.

then, I checked the flag "Unhide" for these new fields in RSA6 & saved.

Later, when I extract in RSA3, new fields are not getting populated.

Is there something Iu2019m missing. (I've not written any coding in CMOD because my understanding is that we don't need for any of the BSEG fields)

2. Response on sdn:

1. make sure the technical name of the field you added is, same from BSEG table. i.e MATNR needs to be named MATNR not ZZMATNR as normal practice would require, because in the extractor evaluates field names for selection.