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Jan 27, 2012 at 07:14 PM

Receiver adapter OS command does not invoke script


Hi All,

I have requirement similar to the one in this thread:



PI need to pick the file from source directory on PI server which is Windows 2003 and send it to target directory using SFTP.

I'm using PSCP command for this purpose.

When I run the PSCP script from command prompt on PI server on Windows 2003, script is working fine.

Same batch file is called from PI File adapter but script is not getting invoked.

In the communication channel logs, "Executed OS command" is available. There are no Error/Warning messages in the log.

NFS transport protocol is used in the File communication channel.

Complete directory path of the batch file is mentioned in File channel -> Run Operating System command after message processing. Also tried giving timeout in seconds but still not working.

Command line in Receiver file adapter:

C://Outbound/SCPtest.bat %F

Please let me know if anyone has experience on this and tested successfully.