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Jan 27, 2012 at 07:49 PM

Pass data to a sub report


I have a report that produces differences between today and yesterday, and looks like this, just 3 fields.

Array Alias Growth Array serial#

Phx_t1_0343 1004.00 000192600343

phx_t2_2489 6144.00 000192602894

I want to use the values for "array name" as a selection criteria for a following


As a test i created a formula which created a shared variable :-

shared stringvar testname := "phx_t1_0343";

and placed in report header.

In the subreport, i created a formula :-

shared stringvar testname;

and placed in subreport report header.

It works fine, and displays "phx_t1_0343"

So i thought i would be able in the record selection of the sub-report

to specify :-


but i do not see the formula ?testname

Is this normal ? is there a better way to pass the "array names" to the subreport ?

Thanks in advance