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Jan 27, 2012 at 12:43 PM

source indicator not updated after PO created from SOCO


Dear SAP gurus,

We are using SRM 7 with EHP1 and ECC 6 as backend. We are using plan driven procurement, but as we're not using XI/PI we're using program BBP_EXTREQ to transfer PR from ECC to SRM.

When the PR comes to SRM as SC, the source indicator is 'X', which is correct, as we can now do sourcing. We click propose source of supply, found contract, and the proceed to create PO.

Now when we come back to sourcing cockpit we still find the same SC sitting there. Checking in SRM, we find out that the source indicator is still 'X'. As per what I read from other post, it seems that there is field BBP-PDIGP-QUAN_PO_E which should be filled with PO qty, in this case the quantity is still 0 though the PO already created. (note that we schedule BBP_GET_STATUS2 and clean_req_requp per 2 minutes already).

This is confusing as we ONLY have this behaviour in our production system, but it works perfectly well in our QA system (source indicator changed to blank and QUAN_PO_E is filled).

Can someone shed some light on this?

Best regards,