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Jan 27, 2012 at 07:24 AM

External Material number range


hi all,

what i did is, i defined a material number range both internal and external for the same material type. Now, i created a material using MM01 without giving any material number.

- well successfully the material master was created by allocatiing material number internally. i don't have a problem.

but, when i am trying to create a material by giving material name externally by giving a name which is not defined in the range, its not stopping me to do so. infact its allowing me to create a material master.


say i gave range 1000000420 to 1000000440 'externally'

now in 'mm01'

i gave 'MOBILE6' as material name/number, i believe it does not fall in the defined range and it should throw an error but it allowing me to create a master..