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Jan 27, 2012 at 06:56 AM

Cash payment for unknown vendor



I have a great problem.

We have situations where we provide cash for our employees to make purchases behalf of the company. For example, arrangement of a welfare activity for the company is totally coordinated by an employee (he is responsible for the activity). The company originally has no idea who the real vendors going to be, and once everything is completed; the employee submits the receipt of original vendors against all the speedingu2019s he has done.

However what we currently do that in SAP is to raise a PR and then a PO against the employee (not to the real vendor) so that there is approval process before giving the cash to the employee. The total transaction is recorded against the employee in SAP.

The problem here is we canu2019t trace back who he vendor is in case if we want to return goods or check for past history of purchasing as nowhere in the system it records the real vendoru2019s information

Is there a better way to do this process in SAP?