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Former Member
May 04, 2005 at 04:24 PM

Breaking the Rules - Modifying database


Hi All,

Sap is very strict about now modifying their databases in Enterprise manager or any other tool for that matter. And I fully agree with that statement, as it could be catastrophic for a company should the wrong data be changed. Thats why they gave us userdefined fields and tables. But I have a problem.

While userdefined tables are a bit tricky to work with, its usable, however, for my client, I am developing an application that uses windows CE and CE SQL2 on a heldheld scanner. I populate a userdefined table onto a screen, and then use the com objects to import the data.

I am using replication to establish the connection, and writing only to userdefined tables. This works great no problem. However, when I modify the data from the Mobile application using SQL statements (eg. INSERT), I cannot write to the table because there is an @ variable in it. I can get past this problem straight in SQL Server Enterprise, but SQL CE I cannot.

May I add my own table onto SAP called 'LAZ_SCANNER_IN' ?