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Jan 26, 2012 at 11:12 AM

Limit Values in Open/closed Activities of BP Page



On the BP overview page we have views displayed for 'Open Activities' and 'Closed Activiities'. By default they would display all open/closed activities. After a while this can become a lot (and slow, and not very useful).

So, there is a view (CRMV_ACC_1O_CUST) where we can customise the time frame of activities that we wish to see. Our problem is that none of the time frames there are useful to us.

We can choose, 'This Year', which is useless in January or we can choose, "Last Year', which is useless in general. What we can't choose is, 'From last year until today'. That would, of course, be entirely useful.

The entries in the customising table take the form Y-1, Y A, Y1 etc and these formulae are translated at run time to an actual date range. This is hard coded in a CASE statement in FORM build_the_query of Include LCRM_BSP_OIC_1O_SEARCHF01 so changes can only be done as a repair.

The way the standard works is that Y+-1, if run on date 20120126, will return the date range 20110101 - 20111231. This means that we won't see any open activities from January. Y A, which means current year will return the from date as 20120101, which means that we won't see open activities from December.

I read about the BAdI CRM_BP_UIU_BT, which would allow us to inject our own selection parameters; but I can't seem to work out which parameter names should be used for activity start/end dates. Pushing 'STARTDATE', 'FROM' etc result in an empty activities table being displayed.

What I would like, of course, is that Y+-1 would return 20110101 - 20120126 when executed on 20120126. Or to create a new entry such as Y*1 which would mean one year either side of the given date. I can make a repair to the standard code, but I'd rather not have to perform a repair to write my own logic for dates range.

Any other ideas? I assume we're not the only people using the 'Open Activities' view; how did the rest of you handle January?

Thanks for your time,