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Jan 26, 2012 at 08:57 AM

Actual BOM Of Material Ledger



I have a question about the actual BOM which is displayed in the material ledger CKM3N view using the hierarchy button with title "Actual BOM (Procurement Alternative)".

I believe this BOM is the one which is used in the cost estimate of the material. However during the actual production if some different material components are used which is not listed in the initial cost estimate BOM, how material ledger is going to display this change of components? Will it display the changed new components in its actual BOM display?

1) If it will, then why the system is not allowing me to display the actual BOM per production order in ML? Because when i place my cursor in the production order row and click actual BOM, the system asks me to position the cursor in the process category node level which is displayed as "Production". Hence looks like i can see the actual BOM at the root node level for all production orders, if this is the case how am i going to see the change of material components (if there is any) by the individual production orders? Because the change of material components may happen for each production order separately.

2) Alternatively if it will not display the change of material components which are different from the original cost estimate BOM, then how will the user know what is the actual BOM structure used in the production when they are in the material ledger CKM3N view?