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Jan 25, 2012 at 04:56 PM

How to syndicate if a timestamp field has been updated since last syndicate


Hi Everyone,

This is my first posting so please be gentle 😊 I'm using 7.1 SP08.

I'm trying to figure out how to syndicate a record only if a particular timestamp has been updated since last syndication - whenever that last syndication happened to be. Let me explain:

TimestampA is updated when fields Z, Y and X are updated. It is not updated when fields D, E or F are updated.

If TimestampA is later than the last time this record was syndicated then syndicate it.

I don't want to syndicate it if D, E or F were updated since the last syndication and Z, Y and X were not, so Suppress Unchanged Records and Key Mapping wont work for me. (I don't think)

Ideally I need a field that's updated when syndication of that record occurs, which I can them compare against TimestampA. That way I can determine if TimestampA is later than last syndicate time, the record now needs to be included in the next run of the syndication. Make sense?

Any help will be most appreciated.