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Jan 25, 2012 at 03:36 PM

Bapi extension in BAPI_PR_CREATE


Hi Experts,

We are adding the custom fields to the purchase requisition through EXTENSIONIN in BAPI_PR_CREATE i am using the following code

data : wa_te_meqitem TYPE bapi_te_mereqitem,

wa_te_meqitemx TYPE bapi_te_mereqitemx,

wa_ext_in TYPE bapiparex,

lt_extin TYPE TABLE OF bapiparex,

wa_te_meqitem-zzcartname = lv_cart_name.

wa_te_meqitem-zzcatalog_id = lv_catalogid.

if wa_te_meqitem-zzcartname is not initial.

wa_te_meqitemx-zzcartname = 'X'.


if wa_te_meqitem-zzcartname is not initial.

wa_te_meqitemx-zzcatalog_id = 'X'.


wa_ext_in-structure = 'BAPI_TE_MEREQITEM'.

wa_ext_in+30 = wa_te_meqitem.

append wa_ext_in to lt_extin.

wa_ext_in-structure = 'BAPI_TE_MEREQITEMX'.

wa_ext_in+30 = wa_te_meqitemx.

APPEND wa_ext_in TO lt_extin.

while running the extended check it is showing the error like " After a structure enhancement, assignment or comparison may no longer be permitted."

Can any one please suggest me how to overcome the error

Thanks in advance,