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Jan 25, 2012 at 12:54 PM

Catch22 in Insp. lot between and batches. UD not possible?


Hi Guruu2019s

Need help with a delicate problem.

A goods reciept for a serialized material has been executed, divided into two batches and two

Inspection lots.

Batch A with Inspection lot A1 and serial no. 1

Batch B with Inspection lot B1 and serial no. 2

Now the batches/material are in Q stock. There has been some result recording of the

characteristics in the inspection lots.

The big issue is that serial no. 1 from batch A has been entered in Inspection lot B1 and vice versa.

To spice it up a notch, results has been registered and saved.

So for the moment no UD can be posted and the stock cant be used.

Now I want to undo the connection between 1 /Inspection lot B1 and 2 /Inspection lot A1.