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Jan 25, 2012 at 12:08 PM



Hi All,

Kinldy suggest /help for the isuse below:

**Situation*-I am shipping input material (veil) from plant 1255 to our subcontractor 1255 (0005, Sparcon). Sparcon is then slitting and rewinding the material into a finished item that is then directly shipped to our customer. Our input and finished codes are set up with a unit of measure in area (M2u2019s), and our customers, have to be, are absolutely required to be, billed in lbs.

Issue-:::Every time we invoice our customer they are getting billed incorrectly because of the difference in uom in which we pgi an order and how they are billed.

Questions-1. When I go to pgi an order for this material, can I, change the unit of measure from M2 to LB? At this time, it will let me change the uom, but once I pgi the order it flips it back to m2u2019s.

2. Can I create a new finished code have it set up in lbs instead of m2u2019s, and have it linked to an input code that is still set up in m2u2019s?

Thanks in advance