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Jan 25, 2012 at 11:08 AM

Loading of flat file (csv) into PSA – no data loaded


Hi BW-gurus,

We have an issue regarding loading a flat file (csv) into PSA using an infopackage u2013 (BI 7.0)

The infopackage has been used for a while. Prior the consultants with SAP_ALL-profile have run the infopackage. Now we want a few super users to run the infopackage.

We have created a role for the super users, including authorization objects:

Data Warehousing objects: S_RS_ADMWB

Activity: 03, 16, 23, 63, 66


Data Warehousing Workbench u2013 datasource (version > BW 3.x): S_RS_DS

Activity: All

Datasource: All

Subobject for New DataSource: All

Sourcesystem: FILE

Data Warehousing Workbench u2013 infosource (flex update): S_RS_ISOUR

Activity: Display, Maintain, Request

Application Component: All

InfoSource: All

InfoSource Subobject: All values

As mentioned, the infopackage in question, has been used by consultants with SAP_ALL-profile for some time, and been working just fine. When the super users with the new role are executing the infopackage, the records are found, but not loaded into PSA. The load seems to be stuck, but no error message occurs. The file we are trying to load contains only 15 records.

Details monitor:

Overall status: Missing messages or warnings (yellow)

Requests (messages): Everything ok (green)

-> Data request arranged (green)

-> Confirmed with: OK (green)

Extraction (messages): Errors occurred (yellow)

-> Data request received (green)

-> Data selection scheduled (green)

-> 15 Records sent (0 Records received) (yellow)

-> Data selection ended (green)

Transfer (IDocs and TRFC): Missing messages (yellow)

Processing (data packet): Warnings received (yellow)

-> Data package 1 (? Records): Missing messages (yellow)

-> Inbound processing (0 records): Missing messages (yellow)

-> Update PSA (0 Records posted): Missing messages (yellow)

-> Processing end: Missing messages (yellow)

Have we forgotten something? Any assistance will be highly appreciated!


Anne Therese S. Johannessen