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May 04, 2005 at 07:38 AM

A simple question about Drag and Relate navigation


Dear experts

I have found SAP help or related manuals only good at talking difficult things such as how to customise the drag and relate targets, etc. However, after I followed exactly and then how to test.

Then I just see pieces of information, very unstructured. Spending me a whole day, even I can't get a good simple example on how to really perform a drag and relate at least for the proof of concept at EP 6.0. It spent a lot of time in describing what the navgiation panels about, what drag and relate targets. Then how to do it in once transversal. That is, with all customisation, how to drag and relate an object.

My step is with iview A, shows a purchase order details showing a drag and relate enabled object like vendor no.

Then I try to drag this vendor no. to a display vendor iview, iview B.

I have known I have to put iview A and iview B to a Drag-and-relate targets. I am sure I have done this. Does it mean opening the portal, I will see both iview A and iview B appearing at the same time in the drag-and-relate target area? However, in my case, it is not, iview A only appears in that area when I load it once, same to view B. When I load iview B, iview A links from D&R target will be wiped off. Then how I can drag an item from iview A to B while each one of them can only appear at any time.

Can anyone give me a simple guide (don't give me an internet link from I have been tired of this.

First, I would to make sure if my so called self-learnt drag-and-relate simple action is correct in the steps or really I have made something wrong in the customisation or even a bug there.

Can anyone on the planet have this experience, pls. act as my teacher in this area?