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Jan 25, 2012 at 05:50 AM

Reg: Production order confirmation issue in CO15 in case of stock deficit


Hi all,

Requirement: I am confirming a order of finished product whose BOM contains 2 semi finished products10 each. I am using auto GI (Backflush). My client requirement is, system should not allow the confirmation of the order until all the 20 (10+10) qty is available.

Setting done: In OPL8, after selecting my order type, in 2nd tab (Individual entry general) i have checked the check box (Terminate in case of incorrect goods movements).

Issue: In CO15 after entering the order number, if i am saving the order, in case of deficit of SFG it is showing error 'Deficit of stock' and it is asking 'do you want to correct the errors'. If i press yes i am able to change the quantities to be issued and i can confirm. Nothing is collected in COGI also. As per my requirement my client should be able to confirm the order only if he is having all the stock in hi S.Loc. User should not be able to change the quantities and confirm.

Is it possible to map this in standard SAP. Please guide me.


Krishna Chandra