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Jan 25, 2012 at 04:24 AM

How to stop PR creation from PM work order for a particular vendor?


Hello Experts,

We have following scenario for breakdown maintenance activities.

When a machine breaks down, a breakdown order is created in SAP. The external manintenance services are planned in the order. When the order is released, a single PR (with multiple item numbers corresponding to number of services) is created by SAP. The PR has a release strategy. When PR is released, PO is created followed by the SES.

The practice followed AS -IS for breakdown outside business hours:- If the breakdown happens outside business working hours, the person releasing the PRs is not available & hence PR can not be released resulting in no PO & no subsequent SES.

In this case, the maintenance is completed by the external agency & the work order is TECO. The next day, TECO is reveresed, new PR is created, released, converted into PO, & then SES.

TO-BE process:- Client expects that, for certain vendors identified, PR should not get created at all from the breakdown order. (The list of vendors will be maintained seperately). For these vendors, a framework order will be created at the start of fiscal year & SES will be created as & when required agaainst the framework order.

My concern is :- How to stop PR creation from PM work order for a particular vendor? OR delete the created PR?

Highly appreciate your quick response.

Thank you.


Note:- My ABAP consultant has checked following BADI's, but could not find it useful.