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Jan 25, 2012 at 12:59 AM

Delta update to the cube not possible because there is a request in the cub


Hi BW Gurus,

Have a problem here..

I had deltas PSA->DSO->Cube

All loads were deleted from PSA by mistake 😔

I did a FULL REPAIR load to PSA.

Then INIT without data transfer (deleted old init first).

Then FULL REPAIR PSA-> DSO (was ok).

Then FULL REPAIR DSO->Cube (was ok)

Daily deltas are in process chain, but it is disabled for now. I wanted to test manual loads first.

So, manual delta to PSA is ok.

Manual Delta PSA->DSO ok

Delta DSO->Cube does not work.

Error is ;

'The last delta update was incorrect !

Therefore, no new delta update is possible.

You can cancel the request or:

Attempt to load the data of the last delta update again'..

If I request again, it says that Cube still includes delta request xxx.

I went to RSRQ and put red in monitor and in request and deleted it from the cube. Repeated again. Got the same error. It looks like I did NOT delete it.. And I can not say where it is coming from , can't see it in DSO.

Please advise what to do now.

Thabnks in advance