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Jan 24, 2012 at 10:02 PM

HTTP Get in PI 7.3


Hi All,

My scenario is ABAP Proxy to HTTP GET synchronous. I have configured my scenario an I am able to get my response in the ABAP Proxy. Now I need to add some parameters in the HTTP Url, I tried to add these parameters in the path field but I don't think it is appending it to the url because same search criteria when I run in Fiddler I get the desired records but not in SAP PI.

GET URL:[gt_or_eq]=01-01-2012&exported=false

Configuration in ID:



Path: /api/invoices?created-at[gt_or_eq]=01-01-2012&exported=false

Can I pass these two parameters in the ASMA Url parameters ? Does Url Parameters accept boolean values( true/ false)

Thx in advance