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Jan 24, 2012 at 07:17 PM

UKM_BP to FD32


Hi all,

We want to keep using the old component of Credit Management (FI-AR-CR) for the checks in Sales and Distribution (SD) and Accounts Receivable Accounting (FI-AR) (that is why we won´t activate the BADI for FIN-FSCM-CR). The reason is that the checks are being processed outside SAP and there are many interfaces in place with the old check from FI-AR and SD (interfaces between SD, FI-AR and the legacy system that checks the credit limit against the exposure).

However, we believe there are functionalities that we DO want to use:

- UKM_BP (BP role UKM000):

- Score (based on external credit info, further info, creditworthiness data, etc)

- External Credit information

- automatic determination of risk class

- further information (negative, credit events, exceptions, insurances, etc)

- creditworthiness data

- Credit Segment Data: Credit Limit (also using SCASE transaction for credit limit request)

Based on the above, the idea is to transfer the data entered in UKM_BP to FD32 (credit limit, risk class, credit group, etc. -using some mapping roules-)

I have a couple of questions:

1- Is there and IDOC, BAPI, etc. to move the data from UKM_BP to FD32?

2- Does anyone see any disadvantage of using the above implementation strategy?

Many thanks and ideas and suggestions are more than welcome! 😊