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Jan 24, 2012 at 05:15 PM

Sending spool abap report to mail



We're trying to develop a simple abap report that it generates a spool request and, with distribution lists, send the results in html format to a diferents recipients.

The report works fine, and looks right on the both SAPGUI and the preview of mail request.

The problem is the format that we receive, that contains blank spaces between ( aleatories ) words.

If we see the font code, we can see something like ( "s ize" detail with blank space ):

<font face="courier new" s
 ize="2">*<nobr style= color:#0273bc id=l0003002>DataBase

This made the incorrect format of the received html ( e.g. when space is on space character &nbsp )

    DBNAME    BACKUP TYPE    START                         SIZE                          DURATION
    PRD       Full           21 Jan 2012 01:14:00      344.668,95                        01:17:00
    PRD       Full           20 Jan 2012 01:18:40      344.383,51  &n bsp;                     01:20:44
    PRD       Full           19 Jan 2012 01:18:33      344.186,82                        01:21:31
    PRD       Full          &n bsp18 Jan 2012 01:19:39      344.040,88                        01:21:28

In another sandbox system, with component BASIS SP25 of NW 7.0, we've observed that this problem doesn't ocurrs, but in the our production system, with BASIS SP23 and with the same code, it occurs.

As per the reports isn't too important for doing the upgrade of component, we've trying to find the note or the correction (?) for correct it, but we don't find it.

Can anyone help us about this?