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Jan 24, 2012 at 02:36 PM

Mapping of secenario


Dear Sir,

My requirement is that my company want to jhave a joint partnership for making a finished products.Company used to manufactures metal shhets of different sizes.The raw material like meta sheets will be shared by both the companyies.

This Sheet metals will be sent to machine for cutting different sizes. at workshop ansd the sheet metal s is stored with instruction is being send to workshop for operation.The fg sheet metals are send to the finished goods are packed and sales.Please guide how to mapped this, with following point in mind\

1.How to capture the cost of custom clearance ,transportation cost to workshop,off-loading cost at workshop.

2.Operation expense -Operation cost,transportaion cost from workshop to factory.3

Direct labours-Machines Operators

4.Consummables., Packaging Materials.