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Jan 24, 2012 at 02:03 PM

How to handle Undelivered messages when the Target Application is down



in our scenario,

sapEccSystem >OuboundProxy >PI >ReceiverAdapter >ReceiverThirdPartyApplication

the known issue with the ReceiverThirdPartyApplication is, it gets down in frequent intervals, and automatically gets up and running, but we don't know at what times it will be down and when it will be up again.

in this asynch scenario, when the scenario gets triggered from source SAP system, and at that time, if the receiverAppl is up, it is working fine.

but when the scenario gets triggered from source SAP system and at that time if the receiverAppl is down, the message exchange gets failed

to address these kinds of issues,

1. is their any concept of Queuing or anything in PI, that can keep the messages in something like Queues and process them when the receiver application gets up., if yes how can configure them

Does PI act as Queuing server, so that it delivers the pending messages one ofter another, until they are all finally sent.

or there any retry mechanism, where can specify something like, the undelivered message needs to be resent after waiting for an hour.