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Jan 24, 2012 at 12:22 PM

SC- Rejection mail for Lowerlevel approvers--Urgent


Hi Experts,

I am a fresher in this workflow.

I am facing this problem,please give me the solution for this .

In the SC creation,the rejection mail is not going to the lower level approvers.

I done it,it is working fine. The TR is released to Quality. but not to production.

At that time, my client told me that ,"Notes For Approval" is not coming to mail.

[ ** Notes For Approval is the text elememt used to write some reasons why the SC is rejected/approved ,

That text written in NotesForApproval is not coming to mail ]

For this purpose TR not moved to production.

I am doing on that one. At this time, my Quality system is refreshed .So that TR is not available in the Quality system.

I done the NotesForApproval issue.

Now I checked the total SC once, if it is rejected, the mails are coming back to the lower level approvers but the notes for approval text is coming.

I thought that,due to the Quality system refreshing, before released request is not available. So that TR is released to Quality again.

Now also ,the mail is not going to the lower level approvers.

Please give me the solution for this ,It is an urgent issue.

--> Is there any User Setting Profile to set up for this ??