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Jan 24, 2012 at 07:44 AM

Crystal Reports SAPToolbar should work with BEx 7.x without needing BEx3.5



first I would like to begin with the used versions in our landscape:


- Windows 7

- Crystal Reports 2008 SP3 FP3.3

- SAP 7.20 Patchlevel 9

- Bex 7.x SP5


- BOE XI 3.1 SP FP 3.3

- BW 7.01 SP5

Our problem is that the SAPToolbar in Crystal Reports requires Bex 3.5 and doesn't accept Bex 7.x. The start aborts with the following message:

COM exception caught in CExtToolBar::GetRemoteFileCookie(). HR = 0x80004005

COM exception caught in CExtToolBar::InitOpenSaveDialog(). HR = 0x80004005

You are connecting to BW server version < 702, please install BEx3.5 to use SAP Toolbar functionality.

Since the installation of SAPGUI 7.20, due to the fact that SAPGUI 7.10 is out of maintenance, BEx 3.5 is delivered as separately installable package and therefore not installed with SAPGUI 7.20. Further please note that full PAM support of BEx 3.5 cannot be granted by SAP - as Microsoft has removed, e.g., support for some components within Windows 7 that had been used by BEx Web Application Designer 3.5.

For further details please check the notes: 1322923, 1410878, 1424366 and 1391689.

Is there a solution for SAP Toolbar not supporting Bex 7.x? I know that the note 1196843 referencing to this issue and the support of SAP says more or less, that this is known and tracked but can't say when it will be solved. For me it's hard to understand, that BEx 7.x isn't supported.

Do other have the same problems? If yes please vote for the IDEA:

Best Regards,

Michael Raab