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May 03, 2005 at 01:54 PM

Can anyone from SAP comment on this? Credit Note from AP Invoice


Hi all!

I'm creating a partial credit note from a Service AP invoice via DI.

My invoice has 2 lines, the first for 10.000, the second from 5.000 (no VAT to keep things simple) Tot = 15.000.

In the credit note I have the first line for 2.000 and the second for 1.000, Total = 3.000.

I set for the first line

CreditNote.Lines.BaseType = "18"

CreditNote.Lines.BaseEntry = 28

CreditNote.Lines.BaseLine = 0

CreditNote.Lines.Line Total = 2.000

and for the second

CreditNote.Lines.BaseType = "18"

CreditNote.Lines.BaseEntry = 28

CreditNote.Lines.BaseLine = 1

CreditNote.Lines.Line Total = 1.000

and for the CreditNote

CreditNote.DOcTotal = 3.000

Saving, I obtain a CreditNote with the first line for 10.000, the second for 5.000 and a total discount of 12.000, Total = 3.000. (same invoice amounts on the lines

and a discount to get the correct invoice total).

My question is: isn't there a way to obtain a credit note linked to the invoice but with line amounts different from the ones of the invoice (in my example: first line 2.000, second 1.000) and without discount?

in B1 you can do it!!!

I know that from a fiscal point of view the result is the same, but seeing credit notes in B1 different from the vendor documents is pretty upsetting for some customers ... 😊

Thanks in advance,