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Former Member
May 03, 2005 at 12:20 PM

CONF21 Inbound Idoc - How to Monitor the Error


I have just set up the idoc conf21 - and everything works perfectly well (I ticked "immediate update" via CI41 in order to avoid using CIP2).

I have simulated an error in the ILE01 unit of measurement I putted 'XXX'.

I launched the idoc via we19 and the idoc appears in status 53 green. ( This is normal because the status 53 represents only the fact that function module KK2A_GET_DATA_FROM_IDOC has runned without errors. It does not report errors possibly occuring in PROCESS_CC2_MESSAGES_PARALLEL.)

Obviously due to the 'XXX' the confirmation did not happen. The record disappeared from the table RUECK.

Question : How can I monitor this type of error ?