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May 03, 2005 at 12:09 PM

System Form BOM has property Menu = nothing always.


When system form BOM (Bill Of Material) is opening, i want add a menu with SAPbouiCOM.MenuCreationParams. But m_sboFrm.Menu is nothing, then m_sboFrm.Menu.AddEx get error.

Also during the use of the form, m_sboFrm.Menu is nothing.

Is it impossible to add a menu in form BOM?


' Menu


Dim l_sboCreationPackage As SAPbouiCOM.MenuCreationParams

l_sboCreationPackage = SboApp.CreateObject(SAPbouiCOM.BoCreatableObjectType.cot_MenuCreationParams)

l_sboCreationPackage.Checked = False

l_sboCreationPackage.Enabled = True

l_sboCreationPackage.Type = SAPbouiCOM.BoMenuType.mt_STRING

l_sboCreationPackage.UniqueID = mc_sSBO_MENU_ItemUpdateCost l_sboCreationPackage.String = "Aggiorna Costo del Finito"

'the next function get error, because m_sboFrm.Menu is nothing


Note: iI use this code in other system form, and it is all ok.

Thanks, Andrea