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Jan 23, 2012 at 09:51 AM

Upgrade failing on MAIN_SHDRUNEU_IMPORT2 with ORA-24315


I have a little problem. Running an Upgrade from 4.7EE to ERP6 EHP5 and getting an error during pre-processing step MAIN_SHDRUN\EU_IMPORT2.

Basically error shows,

(IMP) ERROR: DbSlPrepare/BegModify failed

rc = 99, table "WDR_ADP_AGGR_MP"

(SQL error 24315)

error message returned by DbSl:

ORA-24315: illegal attribute type

Before the SAP upgrade I upgraded Oracle to 11g and I'm using instant client and SAP Kernel 640_EX2.

I went through the notes and the only note that show hints of the problem is,

Note 1331586 - Terminations with core dump; LOBPREFETCH causes ORA-24315

But this is relevat for kernels 7.1X and above, I'm using 640_EX2 and my DBSL patch is the lastest.

Anyone have any idea of how to fix this?... or should I just go back to 10g and upgrade SAP first????....

Seems like a DBSL patch is stopping me from going any further...

System is running on Linux x86_64