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May 03, 2005 at 08:32 AM

Equivalent of an 'OUTER JOIn' in a BW cube



I have an InfoCube with a time dimension 'Day of year' and a Key figure 'Sales in k€'

In a query (BEx or Cognos Reportnet on BW) I apply some other filters such as 'Delivery date'/good issue date/delivery date.. and 'Day of Year' in 'current_month'

I want to retrieve for one month, for each 'day of year' the key figure ' such as :

2205-01-01 10 k€

2005-01-02 11 k?€

... till 2005-01-31 25 k€

now depending on the filters I apply on this query, I can have also some 'empty/null/0' sales days

the issue in this case is that I do not retrieve these days with no value, I would like to get everyday of the month including the one with no sales value depending on the filter condition.

it is like the concept of an 'OUTER join' in SQL where for all the 'Day of year' I return a fact value (including the ZERO)

any clue how to get this job done with an InfoCube?

thanks a lot for your assistance