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May 03, 2005 at 07:20 AM

Using URL-Parameter in Views


I have a problem with using URL-Parameters in my Web Dynpro application. I've followed the steps in the thread webdynpro-and-url-parameter-passing, which work fine in general.

I have some views and a component controller, that executes some BAPIs. The result of the BAPIs are shown in the different views. In one of the views I put an input field for testing purposes, that is bound to the mapped value attribute holding the parameter. The parameter is used as an input parameter for the execution of the BAPI.

My problem is that the input field shows the correct value of the parameter, while the input for the BAPI is null all the time. I assume that at the time i want to call the BAPI the attribute value has not yet been mapped.

Does anybody know how this problem can be solved or implemented the right way? Thank you!

Andreas Adler