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Jan 23, 2012 at 02:31 AM

Block available in the future, Sales Order ATP not confirming


Hi Experts,

We use Block Planning with CDP/CTP Process & products are set up for immediate planning on the Product Masters. Following situation, Sales Order is not returning a confirmation date. This should be achieved using std SAP's process. Let me know if you've faced this issue before -

Sales Order Requirement date = 02/15/2012

Block Availability date = 02/19/2012

ATP Result - no confirmation to Sales Order

Since Block (with matching characteristics) is available on 02/19/2012 & we've a strategy profile with Scheduling Strategy saying BACKWARD + REVERSE (Forward), system should have looked @ the Block on 02/19/2012 & returned a confirmation date of say 02/20/2012.

Any ideas?