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Jan 22, 2012 at 11:06 PM

PM Confirmations to update CATS2 (IW42 ->CATS2)


Hi Experts,

We have a business requirement to use CATS2 for a standard approach to time entry. As such, the project that implemented SAP PM did not give access to the IW42 transaction (confirmations).

Now we still have the requirement for all time confirmations to be available in CATS for reporting, but the maintenance staff want to use IW42 to make life easier when completing their work.

So, we will have some people using IW42, and some using CATS directly. Because all data is required in CATS2 for reporting as part of our standard processes, we need to update CATS2 with any time confirmations entered in IW42. Sounds a bit backwards i know, but this seems to be the only option we have to achive the best of both worlds.

Considering the above,

1. Does anyone know of a better alternative to this approach?

2. Does anyone have serious concerns with this approach?

3. Are there any standard BAPI's that we can call to update data from IW42 into CATS (e.g. personnel number, order number, operation number, hours etc)?

4. What is the best way to ensure that CATS doesn't try to send data BACK to PM confirmations? Don't want double ups.