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Jan 22, 2012 at 11:01 AM

Returnable Packaging item stock is not getting reduced..



Have created

material group for packaging material,

Packaging material Type by copying std.

Allowed Packaging materials

Created returnable packaging material (LEIH) and maintained the material group for packaging material and packaging material type in material master of returnable packaging material with general item category group and item category group as LEIH

Maintained material group for packaging material in basic data 1 and sales:general/plant data of Finished Good/ Raw material which we are selling.

Item category determination for delivery is maintained as.

LF - LEIH -Pack- - TAL

created order for selling goods

In delivery selected line item > edit>pack

selected line item

maintained returnable packaging material

selected both line item :>edit>pack

and got massage :: material was packed and (F3)

1) Returnable item is not coming in delivery document as sub item or new line item

2)After PGI returnable packaging material is not getting reduced from stock

Have Searched the related threats in the forum but still problem is not been resolved please guide me what i am missing.