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Jan 21, 2012 at 05:21 PM

Need suggestions for Sales Order ATP for Material STO in from other Plant


Our client does not want to stock inventory at either the DC or the Manufacturing Plant. They receive a Sales Order at the DC and the ATP check is set up to check Stock at the DC (likely none); inbound Stock Transport Orders (likely none) and then resort to the Replenishment Lead time.

The Replenishment Lead time for externally procured materials (F) with Special Procurement key (STO it in from the manufacturing plant) is the Planned Delivery Time in the Material Master. The problem is the Planned Delivery time is just the 5 days it takes to get the stock from the manufacturing plant to the DC. If the Manufacturing plant has no inventory (which is very likely since we don't maintain PIRs to stock it prior) we will promise the customer delivery in 5 days which is much too soon.

We cannot inflate the Planned Delivery time to be the 5 days of transit plus the 30 days of total procurement and manufacturing time at the manufacturing plant because then the MRP signal will tell the manufacturing plant to buy and make much too soon.

They don't want to ship goods directly from the manufacturing plant; they must be shipped from the DC.

I realize that this is not a good business process but is there a solution for this?

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